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The Nitty Gritty

Photographs are  a real investment! They capture a moment  to be saved forever. We are preserving your  relationships, emotions and  time from slipping through our fingers. I do not take that job lightly!  I invest my time, money and passion into this work.  Photography is telling the story of the day and season of your life and I feel the weight and privilege of that job!    

Here are my current packages. If you aren't sure which session length or package is best fit for your needs, shoot me a message! I will tell you straight if I think what you're looking for can be done in 15 minutes or if a longer session would work best. We are working TOGETHER to find the best package to capture your story, perfectly.  


Each wedding is unique and I like to 

speak with each client about their specific needs for their big day! 

This makes sure the package covers everything you want,

 without paying for anything you don't need! 

Reach out to hear more about wedding coverage.

Wedding packages start at $1749

Elopement packages start at $749